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My little story didn't make it to the list of the ten finalists! Oh well, gives me something to put on A Touch of the Fantastical, anyway. I still like it, too.

Left it on another computer, though, so posting will have to wait until Monday.

In the meanwhile, go vote in the Crossed Genres flashfic contest!
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Me and Susannah will appear in The Year's Best Lesbian Fiction 2009 anthology! I am pleased, ticked pink and full of squee. Kind of makes you think I should finish/submit something else this year, doesn't it?

It lives!

Jun. 14th, 2010 10:57 am
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After months of writing bits and pieces that never seem to come together or be finished, I wrote an entry for the Crossed Genres flash fic contest in about 15 minutes, and am ridiculously pleased with it. All sent now, without beta or my usual minimum of a day's consideration before submission. Wish me luck!

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With a short story by yours truly, Me and Susannah.

Crossed Genres
Purchase the issue

Life has been busy recently and about to become more so! I don't know how I will manage NaNoWrimo, but I'll do my best. I find it easier to write when I have the house for myself, so I intend to grab all of those moments I can, setting aside social life and my girlfriend's feelings...

The novel I'm hoping to write, Macedonia Wallis vs. The Star Cross, is a throwback to pulp fiction, complete with fighter planes, aliens and seedy nightclubs. We'll see how it actually turns out!

I also have a short story in progress that is necessarily pushed back, called Gorilla Warfare.

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I just got a sneak peek at the cover art for Crossed Genres Issue #12. It is absolutely beautiful! 

It's pathetic how thrilled I am to be published; even more so to be published under such an image.

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