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I'm well on my way to finishing a 350-page book on New York's urban culture fin de siècle to WWII, ordered another one from Amazon, and on the lookout for one about the lesbian subculture of the same era. I've also read two issues of Brooklyn Brevities from Archive.org from 1922 and 1923 - each was a revelation of its own kind.

What I'd really love to find is some kind of a 3D tour of the city circa 1920-1925 for my potential NaNoWriMo novel, or of the locations I particularly want to use: The House of Mercy, the NYC jail on Welfare Island, the Hamilton Lodge, the Village. I may have to just imagine it instead.

I do at least need to find a good 2D map and to nail down the location of my heroines' home and the nature of the café they live above, and the background of Genie, how her ambiguous racial background would factor in. I'm thinking she presents as a White European when meeting clients, and is fully identified as a Black American when among her friends, but then what about her family? I'd originally conceived of her as coming from a White middle-class family, but am I making things too complicated? Hmm. I do want her to have a foot in both worlds, so to speak.

I've added several more "seeds" to my plan while reading this book. I realize I can't include every "seed", only the ones that actually come together with some coherence. I'm also starting to get cold feet about one of the central secrets I originally thought up, since it would involve touching on the gender conceptualization of the era, not to mention the still radical idea of children's gender, which is seen as an issue of children's sexuality - an enormous taboo.

Sometimes I worry that if I write one story about the watersports kink and comment on one poem about piss, I'm going to come off as having that kink or overly associated with it. In the same way, I'm now worrying that since I've written one short story protagonist who apart from being a serial killer also sexualizes children, I can't write another one where the possibility of pedophilia is floated as a false lead. Oh dear. I might do anyway, since it emerges logically from the circumstances I've cobbled together, though I have zero interest in writing about actual pedophilia.

I'm already thinking of using some of these seeds and locations for the sequel. Steady on, girl!


Nov. 25th, 2009 02:26 pm
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My statistic chart looks like a rollercoaster. I guess this means I write in quick bursts?

This has all been highly educational. I learned things about my own writing and what works with it than I have in ages.

Of course, the novel still isn't finished... I guess I'll schedule myself a new burst for next weekend!

Oh yeah.

Nov. 12th, 2009 06:26 pm
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26,000 words in 12 days.

I am shamefully pleased with myself!

Now to keep this up...

I'm experiencing a great deal of character shift at this point. One character who started out as a jolly-heigh-ho kind of a fellow has turned into a nervous scientist. Another who I created to be a duplicitous character may not end up being so. A gay person has turned out bisexual and completely new villains are popping up like daisies. I don't mind, though, it keeps things interesting, and the plot evolves and changes along with the characters.
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Did some writing and am less behind now. Phew! Still intend to have another good go to pull on level with the expected wordcount. If all goes according to current plan I should have as much as 29,000 by Sunday. We shall see.

One really has to let go and write with NaNoWriMo, and it's both fun and frustrating. I keep seeing a million things I'm going to have to fix and address in the editing phase, I find myself forcing through passages that just don't work, etc... That is the frustrating part, but then there's also a wonderful sense of freedom in knowing that you can't go back and fix it right now, you just have to plough onwards to get to that finishing line. I fully intend to bring my story to a close this month; anything else would feel like cheating. If I wrote the first 50,000 words of a novel and left it without an ending, I would not have "written a novel in a month", I would just have written a certain number of words within a month. I want to get to the resolution, dammit! THEN I can sit down, expand it and make it work.

In other news, my buddy [personal profile] lemposoi has joined the ranks of Dreamwidth! Must be one of those months when she's not "through with the Internet"...

ETA: Pulled level! Go me!
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I'm about 5,000 words behind on the NaNoWriMo novel. Yikes! Hopefully I can make time to catch up a little tonight. For now, groceries.

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With a short story by yours truly, Me and Susannah.

Crossed Genres
Purchase the issue

Life has been busy recently and about to become more so! I don't know how I will manage NaNoWrimo, but I'll do my best. I find it easier to write when I have the house for myself, so I intend to grab all of those moments I can, setting aside social life and my girlfriend's feelings...

The novel I'm hoping to write, Macedonia Wallis vs. The Star Cross, is a throwback to pulp fiction, complete with fighter planes, aliens and seedy nightclubs. We'll see how it actually turns out!

I also have a short story in progress that is necessarily pushed back, called Gorilla Warfare.

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