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Strong Coffee –  On Halloween in 1923, a once skeptical professor is forced to seek out a medium to resolve a haunting in her New York townhouse. (4,100 words, murder, supernatural)

Boxcutter –  There are monsters out in the desert. Nathaniel finds work in the city, killing them before they’re born, but came from the desert too. (3,300 words, dystopian horror, serial murder, monsters)

Double –  After an accident in a test run of a new cloning scanner, a lab assistant ends up living with her clone. A short story about self-love and self-harm. (5,600 words, a reflective story about having sex with your clone; no happy ending)

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My little story didn't make it to the list of the ten finalists! Oh well, gives me something to put on A Touch of the Fantastical, anyway. I still like it, too.

Left it on another computer, though, so posting will have to wait until Monday.

In the meanwhile, go vote in the Crossed Genres flashfic contest!
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Did some writing and am less behind now. Phew! Still intend to have another good go to pull on level with the expected wordcount. If all goes according to current plan I should have as much as 29,000 by Sunday. We shall see.

One really has to let go and write with NaNoWriMo, and it's both fun and frustrating. I keep seeing a million things I'm going to have to fix and address in the editing phase, I find myself forcing through passages that just don't work, etc... That is the frustrating part, but then there's also a wonderful sense of freedom in knowing that you can't go back and fix it right now, you just have to plough onwards to get to that finishing line. I fully intend to bring my story to a close this month; anything else would feel like cheating. If I wrote the first 50,000 words of a novel and left it without an ending, I would not have "written a novel in a month", I would just have written a certain number of words within a month. I want to get to the resolution, dammit! THEN I can sit down, expand it and make it work.

In other news, my buddy [personal profile] lemposoi has joined the ranks of Dreamwidth! Must be one of those months when she's not "through with the Internet"...

ETA: Pulled level! Go me!
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With a short story by yours truly, Me and Susannah.

Crossed Genres
Purchase the issue

Life has been busy recently and about to become more so! I don't know how I will manage NaNoWrimo, but I'll do my best. I find it easier to write when I have the house for myself, so I intend to grab all of those moments I can, setting aside social life and my girlfriend's feelings...

The novel I'm hoping to write, Macedonia Wallis vs. The Star Cross, is a throwback to pulp fiction, complete with fighter planes, aliens and seedy nightclubs. We'll see how it actually turns out!

I also have a short story in progress that is necessarily pushed back, called Gorilla Warfare.

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